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Originally Posted by krathis View Post
A lot of academies in FL do full time day and part-time (evenings and weekends).
Two in Orlando are:

Seminole State College

Valencia College

As has been already stated, almost no department will sponsor you through the academy unless you are of a particular type of candidate that the department needs.
That's good to hear, I might work on the cert while doing another job as well.

Originally Posted by The Fed View Post
I believe Hillsborough County Sheriff is still hiring. Good location on Tampa Bay.
I'm into that as well, thanks. Looks like they do their own academy anyway, which is a plus for me.

Originally Posted by FLglockdude View Post
I'm not an LEO yet, but I live in Brevard County. The largest agency here is the Sheriff's Office followed by several municipalities, along with the state agencies, FHP and FWC. As far as I know, none of the agencies will sponsor you through the academy. The academy here is through Brevard Community College.

This gentleman works for one of the agencies in Brevard and I'm sure would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Good luck with your move!
I appreciate it! Yes I emailed a couple of Brevard agencies and received the same response unfortunately.

Originally Posted by jayfinn View Post
if you choose Miami-Dade you will have to be proficient in Spanish or Creole in addition to any Academy training.
I heard Miami was an experience all its own...

Originally Posted by wolf19r View Post
You can do days full time or nights part time. The GTers are an awesome source of info. I went to St. Johns river state college academy and loved it.

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Absolutely. I hate to admit but I surfed GT my freshman year of college and learned more from GT than in all of my classes combined.

Originally Posted by Actionmonkey View Post
The majority of the 13 or so agencies in broward county will pay for you to get certified as the broward police academy only accepts people sponsored with an agency. When I was there 3 years ago we were ranked one of the top in the state because it was treated as a private academy so to speak. There are a few agencies in broward that are hiring now and we are paid in the upper most of the state. My agency is opening up non certified positions again starting next month but you can find many other open spots by checking out all the websites. PM me if you want to know more but I love working here as we have high crime areas, decent areas, the beach, and just any type of police work you'd be interested in doing. Good luck in your search.

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I actually hadn't looked into Broward until you posted that, I'm glad you did. I didn't realize there were some sponsored spots there, I'm definitely checking into that as well.
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