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Originally Posted by nikerret View Post

Therefore, I maintain that it is a fantasy for most of the urban (and urban minded in the country), but not so much for those who won't be effected by mass population. How many people is that? Not enough to lump "living of the land" as automatically a "fantasy prepper". At most, those who make such a claim shoud cue a small red flag that can be put down with simple, honest explanation of that person's current skills.
You are using the wrong information for your analysis. Statistically speaking, you are only using a subset of the total statistical population i.e. legal hunters with a tag in peaceful times, with a hunting season and with a bag limit.

Your analysis has to be changed for the much larger statistical population, SHTF enviorment, full year hunding season and no bag limit.

But, that there won't be much game to hunt is just a small part of the fantasy prepper's fantasy They think they will take their gun go into the woods to hunt, trap, and fish for food. Of course in this fantasy no one else thinks of this, so game is plentiful. Also, none of the bad guys or unsafe hunters go do this so a person is safer in the woods then at home. Somehow this fantasy prepper will get (drive?) to the woods, hunt and then carry out what they kill back home. Of course the weather is great - no cold or rain to deal with.

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