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Heck stores, businesses are closeing left and right. Larger concerns are "consolidating" I have bought a fair amount of stuff for pennies on buck. (some stuff I really don't need right now)
I went in on buying a building for business. While it was not "perfect" the location was fair. Now a much better building was just up for sale. (far as I know still available) Much better setup, Better location (for customers another 15 miles each way for workers) that we could NOT have afforded 5 yrs ago. (asking is just hint more then we paid)
I drive thru industrial areas I visit every yr or so. Now there is snow unplowed in yards, for sale/lease signs everywhere. I am half looking at one for self storage. With modern RFID cards, cameras, etc Could hire worker, do most stuff online, only have to staff it certain hrs.....
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