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Originally Posted by NolePhin View Post
Just found this on YouTube, and I am actually surprised this guy recommended not having a round in the chamber with glocks. He seems like he knows what he's talking about but I'm not sure I agree with him.

Gun Gripes Episode 6: "Safety Issues" - YouTube
Please note the context in which he makes this statement. In his opening statements, he talked about how the Glock was an exceptionally safe firearm and as long as you kept your finger off of the trigger, it was not going to fire. He then went into describing how he was currently carrying his Glock... with an IWB clip on the gun. I agree that I would not want to carry chambered with this sort of setup.

So his context when speaking about carrying with an empty chamber was directed towards carrying as he was at the time he made this recording. I have watch a lot of videos of these two gentle and not once that I can recall, have either of them recommended carrying out of full battery when using a quality holster. The difference is in the details. Carrying a Glock in a pants or jacket pocket or with an IWB clip versus carrying with a proper holster that protects the trigger is all the difference in the world.
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