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Originally Posted by nikerret View Post
I don't understand the prevalant use of "ignore". I didn't see anything in the discussion, other than two hard-heads sitting onopposite ends of the table, to warrant not wanting to see the other's posts. Both have brought up some good points and it spurred discussion; the whole point of internet forums.
Not the whole point for some people.

Look at it this way. I lived in the biggest city in my State for 1/2 my life. I was born and raised in the country, got my education t big college and made my money in the city all with the intention of returning to the country. I grow, hunt, fish for and can food. I am a good carpenter and can use hand tools to do it. I have my own blacksmithing gear, I make and collect knives, I collect way too many guns and reload. I can and have made everything from sausage to soap. I used to teach primitive life skills. I chose to share that knowledge and continue learning as well. I found out a long time ago that attitude and knowledge are two of the most basic sills one must have to survive and that the exchange of knowledge was critical.

I make any and knowledge and experience I have available to anyone who asks. If SHTF I want the people who were smart enough to see it coming, and to prepare by expanding their knowledge, to be the ones who survive. I don't want the ones who turn cannibal to be the next step in human adaptation

I even went so far in this thread to say,

"I won't tell you that you and your neighbors CAN get by hunting because I am smart enough to realize that I don't know your area, but don't tell me that in my area we CAN'T..."

I think that was a pretty fair-minded and realistic assessment of the facts. I really have no compelling interest in helping anyone who is so close-minded that they can't grasp that.
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