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Originally Posted by HWI View Post
I keep a mag of that Hornady 75 gr TAP around for my SLR106 for home defense situations, it is an awesome round.

As far as your feed issues are concerned, you definitely could have had an older gun that had just sat on a shelf for a while. The old SLR106(prior to the BD prefix) had feed issues directly related to the feed ramp. BD and later run smooth as butter. That would explain why they just switched it out, rather than fixing it.
Hornady 75 grain bullets are considered to have a fragmentation threshold of 2200 fps +/- 50 fps.
5.56 Tap T2 75 gr runs ~2449 fps from a 10.5" barrel.
Looks like it's still running ~2214 fps from 10.5" at 100 yards.

I'm thinking for 0-50 yards CQC from my 10.5" 1:7,
5.56 TAP T2 75 gr should be close to perfect.
I've got three 30 round Circle 10 waffle mags loaded and ready.
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