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Originally Posted by n2extrm View Post
Yeah smells like, taste like, looks like 2008-2009 all over again.

Powder valley seems to get shipments from time to time, but you can't be too picky on what you buy. If you insist on Remington then you may have a longer wait. But if your opens to Remington CCI federal then you odds go up.

Had good luck with Graffs as well.
Make no mistake this is above and beyond what 08-09 was.

I was clicking around the net last night,went to more than a few sites and it's a wasteland.

One major distributor had Zero in the way of 22 long rifle,oh they did have some supply of 22 shot shell and some CB caps and shorts.
This same company during 08-09 while they may have not had your favorite,they did have 22 long rifle other than shot shell.
This is nothing like 08-09. SJ 40
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