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Stores Predicted to Close

These retailers most likely close some of their stores. I think the main problem with any brick and mortar store is they cannot stock everything in their stores. Here's the problem though - they often don't have warehouses either. So when you need something that isn't a fast-mover they need to order it right from the manufacturer. It takes much too long to get it that way.

You can buy almost anything now from the dreaded Amazon, and usually get the item in a reasonable amount of time, and much cheaper. I hate to order from them since I found out they're less than 2A-friendly (but they do allow the sale of plenty of accessories) but I have no choice. I live in a rural area, and I find that many times Wal-mart, Lowes and home Depot don't have what I want or need. And many times the quality just isn't there.

And I've found their customer service is outstanding. Only Wal-mart probably has a better return policy - 90 days.

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