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Originally Posted by happyguy View Post
Not so clear if you think about it. The gun is obviously designed to be relatively impervious to knocks and drops when there is a round in the chamber, but it does not necessarily follow that it is designed to be carried that way.

Comrade Happyguy
I believe their intent was to create a design that made the gun as safe as possible but also to be immediately ready to use in the event that it was called upon. I also believe that their statement about civilians not carrying with a loaded chamber was a result of some suits filed against them by people who should have sued themselves for negligence (pun intended). Case in point.

About two years ago, a man in a area shopping center parking lot shot himself in his right leg while holstering his Glock .40&W, which I think was a model 23. He died from his wound (he exsanguinated from a severed femoral artery). His children were in his SUV at the time of his death.

The shopping center doesn't allow firearms so he had apparently removed his and put it in the glove box before going into the center. When they went back to their vehicle, the wife had to go back for something and the father stayed with the kids in the SUV. He removed his gun from the glove box and when holstering it, the gun discharged. He had enough presence of mind to call 911, but he died on the scene. Seems a shirt tail* had gotten caught in the trigger guard and as he inserted his gun into his holster, it applied enough pressure on the trigger to fire the gun.

This is something I am always aware of on those rare times I disarm (like before going into a post office). I rearm outside of my car while standing up to make certain nothing gets in the way of my firearm and in the remote chance it does and the gun discharges, the bullet won't strike my leg.

A simple slip, a careless movement, perhaps a lack of training or consideration cost this man his life.

* Now that I think about this a little more, it wasn't a shirt tail. It was a part of his leather holster that had turned in a little and caught the trigger.
In the final seconds of your life, just before your killer is about to dispatch you to that great eternal darkness, what would you rather have in your hand? A cell phone or a gun?

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