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Originally Posted by Tiro Fijo View Post
That depends on how the co. is financially structured and their line of credit to add shifts, eqpmt. and possibly expanding their facilities. One would logically think that in a time such as this that would be easy, however as we all know many American cos. see re-investment as a liability. A good example is that in late Summer of 2008 Federal laid off approx. 90 employees.

One would also assume that with Obama being reelected that the firearms/ammuntion makers would be keen to expand, however they are leary and awaiting the possible passing of new legislation before making any major changes which is the smart thing to do.

Remember, no one forces anyone to buy guns and/or ammunition, so if the prices are unacceptable then don't buy. Also, price "gouging" is definded legally as:

1. Period of Emergency: The majority of laws apply only to price shifts during a time of disaster.

2. Necessary items: Most laws apply exclusively to items which are essential to survival.

3. Price ceilings: Laws limit the maximum price that can be charged for given goods.

Guns/ammo hardly meet these criterion at present.
I agree that you don't have purchase if you don't want to. Which is exactly what aggravates me. I have refrained and I wish a lot more people would also.

We'll have to agree to disagree on the rest.
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