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Just a thought. Preservation. During the depression many people had iceboxes and root cellars. Many also still had power or were more well versed in preservation tactics that don't require electricity.

A lot of folks in the average shtf scenario will not have the ability to create power or adequately preserve meat. That being said, a single large mammal could feed a family for a few weeks, but not if it goes bad. In some areas, you might have a lot of critters but some folks will be shooting one every few days. It could definitely dampen a population.

A possible deer equation, which I know could be supplemented with other animals. 12K people with an average family size of 4. So 3000 families in a give narea. 1 deer every other week per family. That's 3000x 26. Thats 78,000 deer a year per 12k people.

Now there are some areas with low enough population densities and enough animal diversity to sustain the folks that live there ( like Country's area). But a lot of places can't. I live in the midwest. The only large mammal that is widespread in my state is whitetail deer and at numbers any where close to what I mentioned, those deer aren't going to last. Guess where we are headed next? And it would be folly to assume that everyone in the "populated" states are weak city folk.

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