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Originally Posted by nikerret View Post
I'd be willing to bet more people knew how to process the wildlife they killed in 1930 than today. The urban centers are full of people, many more than what were making cities thier home, back then.

Yes, the outskirts of every large city will be desolate, in terms of wildlife, soon after ShasHTF. I doubt most people will make it 30 miles from where they were when the big bang happens. Draw a circle 30 miles from the suburban city limits, all around the metro; you don't want to be there. Outside of that circle, make 50 mile circles around medium sized cities, say populations under 100K; you don't want to be there. Cities with populations less than 20K people get 100 mile circles. This area isn't as bad as the others unless it touches (especially bad if it overlaps) a circle from a large city. Towns of less than 2,500 don't get a circle, but do get included in any other circle they are tied into.

Now, how many people are included outside any circles? Not many. How much land in the continental United States is included? My guess is tens of thousands of square miles.

My County is larger than Rhode Island and has a population of almost exactly 22,000 Or largest city is 48 miles away and has a pop of 6,000 that is three times the pop of the next largest city and 6 times that of the only other "city".

A good portion of out inhabitants are retirees and folks in nursing home and care facilities, our biggest industry since they shut down logging. Those folks don't hunt much.

The other counties around us are almost exactly the same.
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