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Originally Posted by PaulMason View Post
Did you ever stop and ask yourself "What would happen to the animal population if there were no tags and anyone could bag as many as they wanted whenever they wanted?"

The same thing that happens every time there is a food shortage.In a shtf event I'm not gonna care about over harvesting or the such.The species will rebound.


But, you got me. I made the mistake of caring that you might not be seeing what could happen and trying to talk about it. And, in the process I allowed you to sidetrack the thread.

My mistake. I won't make it again.

Have a nice day.
Some of us do have the luxury of not ever needing ta hunt or fish.Rabbits/chickens will provide fresh meat if so desired.Our collective preps will cover years for my family at up ta 3000cal a day.'08.
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