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Originally Posted by WinterWizard View Post
I have to disagree. They've seen an opportunity to make more profit that usual, so they are capitalizing on it...

The current formula in the gun industry is: We've seen record sales so let's raise the prices...

IMO, you're painting with a broad brush here. The "industry" is multi-faceted and I don't include Walmart or Academy Sports in the same league as say ATK, Remington, Win., etc. In any field of endeavour you will always find one retailer charging more than another. That's the nature of competition.

That said, I wouldn't judge the entire industry by the profiteering done by a few end retailers and aftermarket sellers (re-sellers). Floyd R. Turbo reselling Win. White Box at the Wichita gunshow hardly equates with a true retailer, let alone with Winchester and his prices are not a good barometer as such.

The major players in the industry have hardly raised prices if at all beyond normal inflationary adjustments. Ammo makers prefer Gov't/LE contracts for that matter as that is money "bankable" now with no sitting idle in a warehouse awaiting a jobber's order. To be even more frank, I'd wager that ammo sold to civilians is less than 10% of ATK's (owner of Speer & Federal) profit.

Don't let a few bad apples spoil the barrel. I have faith that things will bounce back to normal this time and that there will be a lot of post Apocalyptic "fire sales".
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