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Originally Posted by plainsman View Post
If they cant make money now, then they won't be there for you when you're ready to shoot. Considering how ranges are hassled, it's not likely any new ones will open in their place.

You need to take it out on the pathetic socialists who are attempting to violate your Bill of Rights.

If not, just use the range feinstein and hillary will build for you.......
I have to disagree. They've seen an opportunity to make more profit that usual, so they are capitalizing on it. Business is based on profit and greed, nothing more. Don't over-intellectualize it.

Business planning involves planning for high AND low times of business, not raping people every time there is political strife. At least businesses that have morals and ethics. Most don't, I guess.

The current formula in the gun industry is: We've seen record sales so let's raise the prices. When the formula should be: We've seen record sales, so let's ride out of the profits of those record sales until supply is back to normal and not screw over our customers in the meantime. But again, that would take some kind of morals or ethics. But those times are gone, probably went the way of the dodo in about the late '60s.

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