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Originally Posted by ChallengerSRT View Post
I'm far from a hater. As I said, I actually bought one from Cabelas on sale and it's been sitting in my drawer awaiting my gun which is on order. After viewing a recent thread here on the Serpa holster mechanism issues, I decided to send it back.
People buy lottery tickets thinking there's a chance they're going to win. Why, when faced with the possibility that an accidental firing could happen as a result of a design deficiency, would you want to ignore the risk? I'd like to think I could win the lottery with millions to 1 odds, but would rather not play the odds with the latter scenario happening because the outcome is just not worth it.
You may NEVER have a problem, but then again you may.
Nothing is absolute and if you look at it in terms of odds you couldn't carry any gun or holster.
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