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Originally Posted by Lone_Wolfe View Post
Right now I'm leaning toward getting rid of, but if I sell them to a dealer it'll be a lot different than just giving them away to a friend.
I hope you find a way to keep them, at least for a couple of years until things settle. Even if a friend has to hold them.

But, if you do decide to sell, let us all know what you have. Use the GT classifieds. Wouldn't it be better to sell them to people you know? And get a good price - since we don't have to make a dealer's profit.

Personally, I am close to ruining my laptop, drooling over that revolver - you have good taste.

Maybe you need to do something that you would not normally do. It might help your morale. Go to where people not like you go, or something.

Here is what I did, as lame as it sounds........

My 14 year old Volvo finally needed repairs that were 2 times the car's value. So we went shopping.

Rather than get another plain white sedan, I got a wild hair and went with a kid's car, and a kid's color, and a manual transmission. And I shaved off the beard.

I feel a little less like a Grumpy Old Fart, even though I still am one. I just shook myself up a little, and feel better.

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