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Originally Posted by Tippyman View Post
How does the feed ramp look improved vs the last one?
It's clearly deeper, wider, and more open.
With a much improved angle for feeding.
I can see the difference easily just looking at it.
I've read that some of the very early SLR 5.56 guns had
feed ramp issues.
Although bought mine NIB recently.
It may have been one of those early un-sold guns?
I'm just guessing.
For whatever reason Arsenal chose to flip me a NIB later
made replacement gun.

This one is absolutely flawless right out of the box.
The very first break in rounds were hundreds of hollow point
and soft point.
I ran the FMJ at the end of the range session.
Not the start.

This thing is strait up bombproof.
Just like a quality AK should be.

I'm a Happy Camper with this first for me AK.
And Arsenal is all aces in my book.

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