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Originally Posted by PhotoFeller View Post
Of course you are right, but in this post you simply state the obvious.

My point about the consequences of mishandling a Glock with the result that someone died or was injured turns on the fact that the owners manual specifically advises against carrying with a chambered round. One's defense that the incident was an accident and negligence was not a factor would fly in the face of plain language in the manual. I'm suggesting one's defense in a ND liability case would be very difficult if the manufacturer's warning was ignored.
I'm not so sure that would enter the picture in a criminal case but in a civil case, it would not surprise if it did. However, even with a criminal case, if you live in an area where the district attorney is known to have a negative opinion of citizens carrying guns, my guess is to people like that anything is subject to presentation.

On a different note, you have brought up this same topic before and have been the target of some pretty strong comments. It is commendable of you that you managed to keep your cool and remain civil under some of the responses you received. You have a particular view of how you wish to carry and for others to chastise you for this shows their lack of character..... not yours. Opinions offered in good measure are appreciated. Those given in less than civil tongue are products of questionable minds.
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