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Originally Posted by SouthernBoyVA View Post
If you pull your gun, point it at someone, and pull the trigger, all done with deliberation and intent, there is no case of a ND or an AD. Doesn't matter what the pull weight of the trigger is or anything else. What does matter is that your actions were intended and deliberate and that you had justification to do this.
Of course you are right, but in this post you simply state the obvious.

My point about the consequences of mishandling a Glock with the result that someone died or was injured turns on the fact that the owners manual specifically advises against carrying with a chambered round. One's defense that the incident was an accident and negligence was not a factor would fly in the face of plain language in the manual. I'm suggesting one's defense in a ND liability case would be very difficult if the manufacturer's warning was ignored.
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