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Originally Posted by PhotoFeller View Post
This important point should not get lost in the shuffle. Its also important to note that I'm not a lawyer, so this statement regarding legal consequences of a negligent discharge in C1 represents only my opinion.

I suspect the defense would be even more difficult if it was discovered that the Glock was set up with a 5# or lighter trigger pull. This might be another factor in determining the degree of negligence.
If you pull your gun, point it at someone, and pull the trigger, all done with deliberation and intent, there is no case of a ND or an AD. Doesn't matter what the pull weight of the trigger is or anything else. What does matter is that your actions were intended and deliberate and that you had justification to do this.

As for the quote from the manual.... now I'm going to have to go down in my basement and check that out. My guess is that Glock is simply covering their butts on this. Just like all the other red printing one sees in an owner's manual for a firearm.

I pulled out the manual for my primary carry gen3 G23 and looked through the entire thing for anything in red (their warnings printing) that recommends civilians not carry with a round in the chamber. I found nothing in this manual like this.
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