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Originally Posted by happyguy View Post
Glock says no to condition one in the only official reference I can find, the Glock Owners Manual. So to say that Glocks were designed for condition one carry ignores the only official guidance on record.

If someone wants to carry in condition one that's fine, but the statement, "Glocks were designed for condition one carry" is simply an opinion usless someone cares to share something from Glock I haven't seen.

Comrade Happyguy
Actually, there is something to the idea that not only Glock, but probably all handguns design for defense were meant to be carried in full battery. In the case of Glock, reference the internal safety systems employed in the design. When viewed in this light, it is clear that the intent was that the carrier should have a round in the chamber, ready to go.

However in the final analysis, it is up to the individual how they wish to carry their sidearm. That, and nothing else, is the real arbiter of this issue.
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