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Originally Posted by Leigh View Post
No offense, but your Second Amendment rights end when you enter onto private property.

Your RKBA rights do not trump my rights as a property owner and like it or not, they never will.
No offense, but you'd better reread his letter. He explain that pretty darn well.

Originally Posted by Leigh View Post
The Constitution was written as a tool to protect citizens from the GOVERNMENT, not from each other.
I don't believe he said it did or don't. And I'm pretty darn sure he knows that. The kid ain't no dummy.

If you don't like what he wrote change it. His reason for posting it is to HELP. It's not written in stone.

Originally Posted by Leigh View Post
I own and operate a small business that is open to the public and I do not post signs promoting nor denying CCW.

However, it is MY right to decide how I manage my business just as you have the right to spend YOUR money elsewhere.

"Voting" with your wallet makes more of a statement to a business than any letter, no matter how polite or well-written.
You are absolutely correct about that sir. But tell me how they know that at one time you spent your money at their store and that you no longer do if you don't tell them. We're not talking about a corner store where they know everyone that comes in.

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