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Originally Posted by ss30378 View Post
SD thanks for posting all this data, longshot seems to be the cats meow for the 40/10mm bore. I've gone up to 8.2 grains of PP under a zero 180 grain bullet at 1.150 and got 1375 fps out of my 24. Mine still has the stock barrel but has a shocking amount of case support. Probably the best i've ever seen for a glock and on par with most aftermarket barrels ive looked at.
No problem SS, glad someone enjoyed it I LOVE Power Pistol but so far I've only used book loads with it in the .40. I'll have to work up some loads for it, but that still got me almost 1100 fps from my 4" G23. 1,375 fps for that 180gr is impressive for sure, and one thing I've noticed in the past with Power Pistol is that it's very consistent.

Is your G24 a newer model? My Gen4 G35 has pretty good case support too, but I will say the newer .40's have much better support than older ones. I just decided to use the G24 KKM barrel since it was a tad tighter plus the extra length helped give some more velocity. I've recently wondered what the LW 9" barrel would go velocity wise, but that's $150 I don't need to spend right now!
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