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Originally Posted by PhotoFeller View Post

Glock's statement in the manual [warning against C1 carry] clearly underscores the inherent danger of carrying its pistols with a round chambered. IT ALSO MEANS THAT A ND [negligent discharge] RESULTING IN DEATH, INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE WILL BE DIFFICULT TO DEFEND BECAUSE THE FIREARM WAS USED IN A MANNER THE MANUFACTURER CLEARLY WARNS AGAINST. This is a very significant fact that anyone carrying in C1 should think seriously about.
This important point should not get lost in the shuffle. Its also important to note that I'm not a lawyer, so this statement regarding legal consequences of a negligent discharge in C1 represents only my opinion.

I suspect the defense would be even more difficult if it was discovered that the Glock was set up with a 5# or lighter trigger pull. This might be another factor in determining the degree of negligence.

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