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Asked to leave

Went to Bdubs last night an was waiting for my food to come when a manager approached me. He asked if I was aware that it was a non-carry zone and asked me to either put it my car or leave. I calmly explained that I had not seen a sign anywhere or I would have never come in. As I am walking I out I see a Leo rolling up, manager must have thought I was going on a rampage, once outside I asked the manager where it was posted. This is where it gets good... He said "we don't have to post that." and became visibly upset. I told him he might want to so the next time a legal carrying citizen comes in they can see it and know. He let me know as loud as possible that "its my ****ing store and I will not allow anyone to have a gun and it is my decision to post a sign or not." at this point the cop is right behind me and before I can say a word he informed the manager the next time he calls the police on someone and there is no sign posted they will not send an officer." and "that some who is carrying legally shouldn't be treated like a criminal." at this point the manager walks back inside and the cop ended up apologizing to me for how I was treated. All in all buffalo wild wings will no longer get any of my business or anyone of my friends business.
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