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Lotta discussion on the Walther forums on the relative merits of the Smith version of the PP series, particularly in .380.
Personal experience has been that the .380 version, regardless of who made it, can be ammo sensitive. These guns often have a rather narrow 'window' for things to work perfectly; bullet shape and type, load level, moon phase and barometric pressure.
A buddy has an Interarms .380 that runs on about anything, but my own example of years ago could not be persuaded to run reliably. When it did run, it had an unpleasant 'sting' all out of proportion to the power of the load. A buddy compared it to the vibration you get from a hit on the wrong side of the bat.
The .32 iteration is another matter; some casewall thickness/bullet diameter issues aside, it is easy to reload for and eats about anything. It is also very pleasant to shoot.
Personal experience with Smith service has been hugely positive, tho' never on a S&Walther. The PP has a gripe that they weren't in contact with him for more particulars, but the techs are there to fix guns, not to clean them.
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