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I was a hair away from buying a P30 until I handled a Walther PPQ in June 2011. I adore the P30's ergos and to be frank I could have lived with the trigger having carried a SIG DA/SA for years. However, Walther beat them at their own game and currently Walther is going for the coup de grāce with their new hammered PPX with a MSRP of under $500!!.

H&K should have made a striker fired version of the P30 years ago and they would have hit the ball out of the park. They rested on their laurels and got beat. However, perhaps this has hopefully lit a fire under H&K to be even more novel in their next design and to price their guns even more competively.

That said, the P30 is a beautiful handgun. It's just sad that it's place in the sun was so short due to Walther. To be competitive they are going to have to break down and offer a striker fired model. Period.

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