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This subject comes up from time to time and most always, engenders the same responses. We all have our opinions on this one and are sure that what we believe to be the right way to carry is, indeed, the right way. For example, I would never dream of carrying a defensive arm that is not loaded and in full battery. However, I do understand that there are those who, for whatever reason, just cannot bring themselves to do this. So I submit to you folks the following.

You are not going to know whether or not you took the right decision to carry without a round in the chamber until the time comes where you actually have to call upon your firearm to defend yourself. And even then, you will only know if whether or not your decision was the correct one for that specific event. Just remember, if you make a mistake you can't rewind and do it again. That only works in the movies.
In the final seconds of your life, just before your killer is about to dispatch you to that great eternal darkness, what would you rather have in your hand? A cell phone or a gun?
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