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Originally Posted by Smithers View Post
That's interesting. I tend to agree with you, particularly since I've never felt the need to even carry a gun (64).

Changing times and all that. I have a S&W 5 shot I sometimes carry and never worry about an A/D.

My G-19 is a different story. Although the need for a weapon can come upon us at any time, I tend to agree with you and keep one in the chamber dependent upon my personal assessment of where I will find myself.

Drugstore in very safe suburb = not chambered

Anywhere within Cleveland borders = chambered

Everything is subject to change
I pretty much follow your practice using C3 unless I'm at Walmart late at night or stopping at an interstate highway rest area.

Many would argue that we should carry one way all the time, and I believe there is merit in that position. I'm still trying to decide what makes the most sense for me.

Right now I feel most comfortable, from a safety standpoint, with C3 when I carry during routine daily activities. In places where bad things are more likely to happen, shifting gears to C1 is an integral part of my situational awareness discipline; I'm on alert in a dark parking lot and I'm aware a round is chambered.

I know my approach flies in the face of conventional wisdom, but for now thats how I do it. I'd rather be armed in C3 than unarmed whenever I am carrying (I don't CC 100% of the time). I feel competent to carry a chambered weapon in the rare instances when I venture into places like public rest parks; a higher level of alertness accompanied by a heightened consciousness that my gun is chambered seems appropriate and safe to me. Let me say again, these are rare instances because my lifestyle doesn't include frequent exposure to high risk situations.

I am continuously thinking about my CC methods because of the responsibility each of us takes on when we carry a firearm. Carrying only in C3 regardless of my surroundings, in the final analysis, might be the best approach for me.

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