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Originally Posted by PhotoFeller View Post
This subject gets chewed on a lot because there are at least two right answers.

You see the world through your lens while I see it through mine. Your opinion is C1 for everybody. My opinion is that folks who lack the experience and training necessary to be proficient with a self defense handgun should carry C3.

People who are new to firearms or CC come here looking for guidance. They hope to get answers based on our experience. I try to respond based upon a lifetime of gun experience with safety as the most important principle. Too many others, in my opinion, answer according to what they have read here and in gun mags such as "an unchambered pistol is nothing more than a club or a hammer". There are lots of cliche statements that show up in every thread like this one because people don't have real-life experience to support their statements.

Being conservative in evaluating one's proficiency with a Glock isn't being unmanly or 'chicken', its being smart and mature. Advising EVERYONE who asks about C1 vs C3 that carrying with a chambered pistol is the ONLY right answer is foolish, unrealistic, careless and could be downright dangerous.

C1 is fine if you need it and you are truly proficient with your weapon. If you aren't experienced and competent, carry unchambered until you get there.
Cannot agree more.
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