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Originally Posted by ashecht View Post
This has been discussed to death. The best safety is between your ears. Without one in the chamber, glocks make terrible hammers. If you don't pull the trigger, it won't fire-period. A proper holster should allow you to draw and re-holster your gun without ever touching the trigger. Look into a holster with a combat cut
This subject comes up often because a lot of people are trying to decide which method of carry is right for them.

People who are new to firearms or CC come here looking for guidance. They hope to get answers based on our experience. I try to respond based upon a lifetime of gun experience with safety as the most important principle. Too many others, in my opinion, answer according to what they have read here and in gun mags such as "an unchambered pistol is nothing more than a club or a hammer". There are lots of cliche statements that show up in every thread like this one because people don't have real-life experience to support their statements.

Being conservative in evaluating one's proficiency with a Glock isn't being unmanly or 'chicken', its being smart and mature. Advising EVERYONE who asks about C1 vs C3 that carrying a chambered pistol is the ONLY right answer is foolish, unrealistic, careless and could be downright dangerous.

C1 is fine if you need it and you are truly proficient with your weapon. If you aren't experienced and competent, carry unchambered until you get there. You might even discover along the way that C3 is just fine all the time.

For those who suggest this topic is worn out and threads like this one should automatically be shut down, be advised that this thread has had almost 5,000 views in the short time its been running. I think its an important subject until people stop asking the question.

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