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My wife has a full sized, 15 round .40; 5 shot .38 special revolver; .380 and 32.

The .40 is her night stand gun (Actually, next to the Rem. 870)
The .38 revolver is just to wide to carry, so it is her car gun.
The 32 is a last ditch, when all else fails, car gun.

The Kel-Tec P3AT is her carry gun. VERY thin, reasonable power and, as she had the same complaint as you, a 7 round extended mag for increased grip.

If you don't like the Kel-Tec, look into the Ruger .380 and see if they have an extended mag for it.

ETA: My wife is 135, 6'2". Very hard to carry concealed as everybody looks her over every time she enters anywhere.

ETA Again: I have a .357 revolver. While my wife CAN and DOES shoot it, she would never practice enough with it to be proficient. Now, it is an 11oz airweight, but shooting it is like holding a metal plate in your hand and letting someone hit it with a four pound hammer. (I raced cross country motorcycles for so many years, it doesn't bother me to shoot it. No worse than handlebars after hitting a big rock at 80mph)

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