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Guidance for 2nd CC Gun

Hi everyone! This is Audiomechanic's wife.

Here's the delima. In gun shopping with my husband in December and testing guns at the range, I found that I'm not comfortable with guns that have a short grip and thus I went with the Glock 19 for my cc gun. I never shot the Glock 26 but when we were buying our guns, I was told that an extender can be put on the Glock 26.

One of the guns I tried shooting was the SigP238. Both my husband and I were all over the paper with that gun so I'm not sure what the deal was with that gun. I'm actually curious to try it again.

I never did shoot a revolver in all of my trying and I have no issues with racking the slide or shooting the gun. I am small though (5 ft 5 in and 125 lbs) so concealment isn't going to be easy for me.

My husband would like for me to have a compact semi auto but since I'm uncofortable with the length of the handles on so many, he wants me to get a revolver as a hopefully "right now" solution as he thinks that a shorter handle semi auto will not be an issue as I get more practice. We are looking now at me getting a hammerless snubbie (so that the hammer doesn't get caught on clothes). Like I said, I've yet to shoot one. I've heard that the recoil is strong b/c of the short barrel but I've also read online of numerous women perfering them over semi auto (which seems contridictary to me). The other question is calibur if I go with a revolver. He'd prefer me to have more "bang" since I'll have fewer bullets. Right now he'd like me to go with a .357 if I can handle it.

I realize that guns are a very personal decision but some kind of direction/input would be appreciated.

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