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Didn't mean to flake out on you all. Getting a case of old fezziwig? I've been trying to get one for years. That is now made at the PA brewery. It's one of the best beers to make chili with that I've ever tried
The whole Noble Pils situation has me baffled as well. We only made about 2000 barrels of it last year. When it first came out we didn't make enough. The second year we made too much and it's sales dropped. It's one of my all-time favorites. Right now I'm really getting into Dark Depths. It's brewed with a Porter style grain bill, pitched with lager yeast, and dry hopped like an IPA. Good stuff. I just wanted to say Thank You for the support. I also want you to know that the things I discuss here are my own opinions. I do not speak officially for the company (bosses make me say that on internet forums).
A couple new spirits made it home with me this weekend. I finally tried thr Glennfiddich (sp?) now I know what all the hubub is about. That's good stuff!

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