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Originally Posted by TDC20 View Post
I looked at the "Mice" markings under magnification, and I think it says, in two different fonts, "M" and "H3". I think the big "M" is for Meprolight, and the "H3" is for tritium. I couldn't find my paperwork, either, but I don't think the screw on the left side needs to be turned.

You have the directions for the adjustments correct, I believe. Adjust the screw on the right side CCW for right, and CW for left.

I can't really tell you how many turns moves the impact at 25 yards, but I do have a little math that tells me for a G20 sight radius of 6.84" (measured mine with the Meprolights), to move one inch at 25 yards, you would need to move the rear sight by 0.0076". I hope that helps. It's been so long since I zeroed mine, and pretty much everything I shoot out of it uses the same zero, that I forgot what the adjustments were for 25yds.
Thanks TDC20 and nickE10mm. I will ignore the left-side screw for now, but I still wonder what it does.
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