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Originally Posted by itisbruno View Post
: hugs:

Luff ya!
Luff ya too, ya handsome devil!

Originally Posted by DustyJacket View Post
Wolfe, life is not boring around you, for certain.
I am glad things worked out, in your encounter.

You deserve a boring year where nothing goes wrong. Not sure how to arrange that.

That is a beautiful 686. If you decide to let it go, and anything else, it will go fast. Around here, the shelves are empty. I don't even know why they stay open, rather than go on vacation. I have been converting from autos to revolvers for a year, and even those are gone now. It seems some people want "ban proof" guns.

If you don't want them around, and feel uneasy with them around, do what you need to do. You know yourself best.

I would like to offer you words of wisdom, but I have none. Just keep hanging in there...... We are all hoping for you.
I'd love to have a year like that, just not SO boring I go out and make my own trouble! I just want a year where I don't get sick, don't get shot, don't get attacked, and don't lose any more friends. I don't think I'm going to get the last part, so I'll have to settle for the first 3, no matter how much I don't like it.

All this political stuff going on makes me wonder if this is either a great time to get rid of the guns, or if I should just leave them for a while. Right now I'm leaning toward getting rid of, but if I sell them to a dealer it'll be a lot different than just giving them away to a friend.

And thank you, my friend.

Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post

How they hangin?

: rofl:
A little to the left.

Where you been hanging?

Originally Posted by Magnus2131 View Post
Here is an idea, go mind your own business and ignore this thread. LW is one of the most responsible people I know and to imply anything else tells me you know very little about her. Bye now!
Originally Posted by Lady Glock View Post
I MUST locate a "LIKE" button on posts like this!!!!!!!!!!
You and me both! Thank you, Magnus.

LG, sending up prayers that your back starts to improve soon, and glad to hear about the good news you got. Hope that continues.
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