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You reminded me. I haven't had a new NRA stickers in years.
I've been a life member since about the 1960's. That would be a good suggestion, for the NRA to send out stickers every few years to life members.
The TSRA (Texas State Rifle Association) is good for sending stickers.

Louisville Glocker I like your attitude. Get in their faces.
Too many gun owners want to hide that they are NRA members/ gun owners. I take the opposite view. Spread the word.
You would be surprised how many people want to get into guns but don't know where to start.
Give me a few minutes at the bank, store check out counters, even getting a Flu Shot , and I'm talking guns. Many people want to get their concealed carry license but have no idea how to go about it. I have a home range and help new shooters for free.
A lot, I also use my CHL license as identification when asked for a driver's license number (it's on the Texas CHL license).
That sometimes starts gun conversations.

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