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Originally Posted by MarineHawk View Post
TDC20, I also have the Meprolight adjustable sights recently installed, but the installer I think discarded the writtne info that accompanied the sigh. Looking at the sight, I can tell that the top screw moves the point of impact up when turned counterclockwise; and the right screw moved the point of impact left when you turn in clockwise. However, the marking above the left screw looks like it says "MID" or "MICE" or something.

Questions if you know:

(1) How much do the Up and Left screws move the point of impact either in MOA or in inches at 25 yards, etc... for each click?

(2) What does the left-side "Mice" screw do?

P.S. I know it likely doesn't say "Mice," but that seems funny to me, and I can't think what else it might say.
I looked at the "Mice" markings under magnification, and I think it says, in two different fonts, "M" and "H3". I think the big "M" is for Meprolight, and the "H3" is for tritium. I couldn't find my paperwork, either, but I don't think the screw on the left side needs to be turned.

You have the directions for the adjustments correct, I believe. Adjust the screw on the right side CCW for right, and CW for left.

I can't really tell you how many turns moves the impact at 25 yards, but I do have a little math that tells me for a G20 sight radius of 6.84" (measured mine with the Meprolights), to move one inch at 25 yards, you would need to move the rear sight by 0.0076". I hope that helps. It's been so long since I zeroed mine, and pretty much everything I shoot out of it uses the same zero, that I forgot what the adjustments were for 25yds.
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