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Originally Posted by SilenceDoGood View Post
Most people who first start carrying experience Cognitive Dissonance in regards to carrying one in the chamber; that is, you are performing an action that goes against your cultural conditioning. Mainstream western culture is to be overtly cautious around firearms, if not all out afraid. This is the conditioning you grew up in for 18+ years. The action of carrying a loaded firearm so close to your body completley goes against the cultural conditioning. It is a normal question when people first starting carrying, hence why it has been asked for years and years and years on this forum and every other one. The feeling is also normal.

In summation: you are feeling cognitive dissonance, it's normal, carry one in the chamber when you're ready, follow the four rules of gun safety.

I had to laugh at your post and for me your statements are preposterous and a bunch of crap.

Perhaps, I did not grow up in the “Main stream (of) western culture” as I am not “overtly cautious around firearms” and definitely “not all out afraid” of them. I am safe, experienced and proficient with firearms and I feel comfortable and secure with firearms on and around me. I feel more comfortable, safe and secure with a loaded firearm on and/or around me, than not having a loaded firearm nearby.

I had to snicker when I read the part about; “The action of carrying a loaded firearm so close to your body (completely) goes against the cultural conditioning.” In the culture that I was raised, carrying a loaded firearm was a regular occurrence from a very early age. Being ready and able to shoot a firearm, to protect the livestock and other property, was a requirement and a duty.

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