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Originally Posted by NMOFT View Post
The motivations for carrying in C1 have already been discussed in depth in previous posts, but since you insist Iíll give you my response.

My motivation is based on my past safety training and experience. I take precautions to manage risk based not on my estimation of the likelihood of a bad event occurring but on the seriousness of the consequences. Therefore I employ all of my PPE all of the time in a complete state of readiness even though the likelihood of it being necessary seems low. The consequences are just too serious to do otherwise.

On the other hand the C3 mindset seems to depend on the ability to accurately predict the unpredictable. You estimate the likely hood of being attacked as being near zero and the likely hood of an ND as being greater than near zero so you mitigate the risk of an ND by carrying a weapon that is for all practical purposes unloaded. Why burden yourself with a weapon at all?

In addition, while you can adopt certain strategies to reduce the risk of a criminal attack, when a criminal does select you as a victim, he has the initiative and you really have no control of the situation at that point. All of you options then become purely reactive until you can regain the initiative.

On the other hand preventing an ND is totally within you control and the risk is easily mitigated by developing a few simple safety habits.

So, I donít understand the mindset of empty chamber carry. You manage the risk of an ND by keeping you weapon in a state of unreadiness that very likely makes it useless to prevent the very event you carry it for.

Again, I mean no disrespect, I just donít get it. But thatís OK because really itís none of my business.
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