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Thought I would share here. I was just at my local Total Wine getting ready for the Super Bore game. I was looking for Laphroaig Quarter Cask but they didn't have any. I thought, "Well, I'll get the 10 yo Laphroaig then". Except they didn't have any of that either. What they had was the Laphroaig Triple Wood for around $60.00 and the Laphroaig 18 yo for $105.00. I deliberated briefly and went with the Triple Wood since I had never tried it before. There is no age on the bottle but it's probably around 8 yo. It is maturated in oak bourbon casks, spends an undetermined time in Quarter Casks, and then is finished in oak sherry casks. I like it, it is a Laphroaig after all, albeit with some sherry notes. That said if they have it and the Quarter Cask next time I will probably go with the Quarter Cask. The Triple Wood just doesn't have the punch of the Quarter Cask even though it is bottled at 48%. If you like Laphroaig and Balvenie and Macallan then maybe you should give this a try, or if your local spirits merchant is out of other Laphroaig's. In closing, it's not my favorite Laphroaig but it ain't too bad either:

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