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Originally Posted by Point Blanks View Post

Uh.......i better keep my comments to myself.I will advise LW to use extreme caution mixing perscription narcotics and booze.

I cannot believe this thread is still active,it should be moved to a private sub-forum.Way too much personal data being slung around,some of it related to the 1st paragraph i made.

God bless you LW.
Here is an idea, go mind your own business and ignore this thread. LW is one of the most responsible people I know and to imply anything else tells me you know very little about her. Bye now!
LW would have laughed that round off her chest.
And then gone and stuffed the gun up the ass of the Hajji bastard that shot me!
"RIP Jeff (23Skidoo)" and our Silent_Runner. 129,520
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