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Originally Posted by XF7Industries View Post
Thank you so much for your answer jlbeasley1976. I will try to look up that video, it will be helpful for my research. Again, comparative marketing lets consumers make a more informed decision - ergo the popularity of research companies like Consumer Reports and apps on so many websites that let you compare products in their catalog while you shop.

It is interesting that the scent is another aspect that you like about the product, something that has come up several times now. The olfactory sense is often very important in decision making for people in general. Bad smells can alert a person to possible danger (an important purpose for this particular sense) but the olfactory sense can also provide enticing (key to marketing) enjoyment when exposed to pleasant smells. Including this sense, by providing an attractive aroma along with all the other attributes of a given product, is a very smart marketing tool.
Patriot36 is the channel. Just figured I'd save you a little time looking for it.
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