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Originally Posted by ChuteTheMall View Post
The TEA Party means Taxed Enough Already.

They have done a great job of not being distracted by other social issues, including gun control, global warming, and jihad.

I have no doubt that the vast majority of TEA Party activists hold conservative views on these other vital issues, but there is no need to be distracted.

The media would love to misidentify the TEA Party as a militia of racist gun nuts and tinfoil nutjobs; don't feed those trolls. It's the economy.
Originally Posted by WarCry View Post
Mr. Lebowski above hit it on the head when he properly identified them as the TEA Party. The group was founded around one concept - "Taxed Enough Already". It's an acronym that defines their overall goals.

Arguably, as others have stated, the TEA Party may have both social conservatives and social liberals, because it's fiscal conservatism that is their center piece. Whether or not that's the reality would likely depend on your local group, as there's not really a true national TEA Party.
Originally Posted by ChuteTheMall View Post
Where does the NRA stand on gay marriage and abortion?


The media and others with similar agendas have been somewhat successful in muddying that message with all of the usual negative conservative stereotypes. Some people who identify with the TEA Party have muddied it themselves by not fully understanding the focus of the movement. The very loosely organized and decentralized structure also makes it difficult to manage the message. It is not intended to be just another conservative group.
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