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Originally Posted by ChuteTheMall View Post
The TEA Party means Taxed Enough Already.

They have done a great job of not being distracted by other social issues, including gun control, global warming, and jihad.

I have no doubt that the vast majority of TEA Party activists hold conservative views on these other vital issues, but there is no need to be distracted.

The media would love to misidentify the TEA Party as a militia of racist gun nuts and tinfoil nutjobs; don't feed those trolls. It's the economy.
The Tea Party in General is Pro 2A and one of the Social issues that it is involved in. The Tea Party bases its issues on the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, so some social issues it will touch.

As for Pro Gay and Pro Abortion, there are basically two sides of the Tea Party, the Conservative Side( bachmann, palin, etc.., and the Libertarian Side (Paul, Amash, etc..) The Conservative side more against the Gay Marriage and Abortion, and the Libertarian side being more for it (or basing it up to the states to decide.

The Conservative Side wants to regulate what the FED Gov can do, while the Libertarian side wants to give the states almost all control over the issues.
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