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Originally Posted by Cheato View Post
Thanks Ladd for the information. That gun looks great. quick question what is the "grip reduction" for the G20 that Short Cut wrote about?
Thanks, buddy.

I think the term "grip reduction" might mean different things to different Glock owners. For me, it meant slightly changing the back strap "hump" on my Glocks.

The Glock has kind of an unusual "hump" on the lower part of its back strap, plus I think Glock grips are just large to start with, especially for people with normal/smaller sized hands. The only Glock I have which fit my hands, perfectly, from the get-go is my Glock 36, single-stack, but it's a pig to shoot. I still carry my G36, occasionally, during the hottest part of the summer (IWB), but I hate shooting it, whereas I love shooting the Glock 30SF.

I have worked on my Glock 30's grip, too, to remove the finger grooves, reshape the grip, so it'd be more comfortable and manageable, plus added a Grip Force Adapter beavertail...

The beavertail improves the grip angle and eliminates (or reduces) the "hump" in the grip. I've never played with a Gen4 Glock, but owners say that the grip is much improved.

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