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Originally Posted by Cheato View Post
Ladd I love this gun . I sent you a message asking for some help before I saw this but would still love to pick your brains. What's about barrels other than Lone Wolf? Anything you would change if you did it over?
There's really nothing I would change, to be honest.

I think I stumbled on the perfect hunting rig, but it was a pretty unscientific process.

I started out with just the stock Glock 20, and ordered a replacement KKM stainless barrel for the standard OEM length -- one 4 1/8" long -- because I wanted to be able to shoot and reload lead. I opted for the KKM because Lone Wolf won't warranty their barrels if they're going to be used for shooting hand-loads: They only approve factory ammo, and I knew I'd be reloading.

Next, I ordered the 6" KKM barrel, because I wanted the option to hunt with my Glock 20. I wanted the additional velocity, the fully supported chamber, the longer sight radius, the reduced recoil, and the promise of added accuracy, etc.

After shooting the 6" KKM -- and noticing how goofy the barrel looked sticking out the end of the OEM Glock slide -- I decided to go "all in," and I ordered the Lone Wolf "upper," which is a completely custom slide with all the internals (striker, striker channel liner, safety plunger and reduced-weight spring, titanium striker and LWD spring, spring-cups, extractor plunger, yadda, yadda, yadda)

I got the black oxide finish because I didn't want the bright metal slide for hunting applications.

I also ordered the Burris FastFire III sight (which I love). IF I'd consider doing anything differently, now, it MIGHT be to get the Trijicon RMR setup, and have it "slide-melted" into the LWD the same way the Burris was done. I love the Burris, but I think the Trijicon (at $350 more) is a little more rugged and has some nice additional features.

The first image shows the comparison of the KKM barrels and the stock vs. LWD slide.

The 10 Ring

The second image shows my hunting setup from the rear/side:

The 10 Ring

The third image shows the LWD slide components with reduced weight titanium striker, etc.

The 10 Ring

The last image show the view through the Burris sight, with the projected "red dot" at full intensity (which makes it too bright and sort of blurry looking). This is the 8 MOA version -- they offer others -- which means the "dot" appears to be 8" in diameter when superimposed over a target at 100 yds.

You can also see the Ameriglo sights which are co-witnessed to the red dot, incase the battery fails on the Burris unit...

The 10 Ring

I'm very happy with the accuracy of the extended slide and barrel, but the OEM Glock 20 with the 4" KKM barrel was plenty accurate, too. I think -- if there's any difference in the accuracy of the stock vs. LWD setups -- it's probably owing to the MUCH nicer trigger feel of the LWD longer slide, and that's because of the lightweight striker, etc.

From a bench rest, this gun will create a cloverleaf of overlapping holes at 25 yards about the size of a silver dollar... AT 50 yards, I can comfortably shoot an 8" group, off-hand. I've never shot the gun at 100 yards, and I'd never hunt at that range with any kind of pistol.

It's hard to describe the sensation of shooting the longslide, but the recoil is less ("felt recoil") than my Glock 30 with hot .45 ACP carry loads, and that's even with my hunting loads like Double Tap, Buffalo Bore, etc.

Using "Blue Dot" powder (11gr), this gun develops 1350 fps with 180gr XTP bullets, and it's really fun to shoot -- not punishing at all.
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