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That link above ( works for me, but (a minor point) I can't figure out otherwise how to get there. Whenever I go to the Glock site, then "Pistols," then 10MM / G20, it takes me here:

More importantly for me:

I have a G20SF with a 6-inch KKM barrel that shoots terrific. I have countless 40 S&W pistols, but am really liking the G20SF for its added power (e.g., BB 180gr JHP rounds, etc...) along with the fact that it doesn't recoil a lot to me, and it holds an almost-infinite # of rounds in a single mag. It's ideal for me for a need-a pistol-to-get-to my-rifle home defense gun. As far as handguns go, I can't think of anything better in the home than a controllable 10mm shooting 180gr bullet at about 1,400 fps out of a 6" barrel. And a 200gr HC FN at around 1,200 fps is almost literally ideal for long adventures in the remote woods (at the very least in the lower 48) when you might encounter anything from bad people to angry bears.

So, I'm going o get another G20, and i guess I might as well get a Gen4.

Question: I have both a 6" and 4.6" KKM barrel for my Gen3 G20SF. Will they both fit and work properly on the new Gen4 G20? Or do I need to get new barrels for that one? I was thinking of putting the 6" KKM on the new one, and putting the 4.6" barrel on the old one.

Will my G20SF Gen3 15-rd mags fit the Gen4 G20?

Thanks in advance for any information.

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