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Originally Posted by bush pilot View Post
I have a budget case feeder, my right hand
Man.... If Jack were here he'd be all over that

Originally Posted by DoctaGlockta View Post
Hmmm, At 139.. I'd say that would be worth a try. Only thing I'd rather see, is the black plastic drop tube, I'd rather it be clear, so you can see flipped cases, etc.. (It looks like it has slots cut in it, but I'm not sure if that would allow you to see all the cases)..

The other cool thing, it looks like he sells the parts to fix it should something go wrong with it (ie, motor, etc..) and they are fairly inexpensive.

Pretty smart though.
Originally Posted by GioaJack View Post
The fire is no longer my major concern since I am leaving immediately on an unexpected road trip to Indianapolis. Watch the national news over the next couple of days, I'll wave... well, only if I'm cuffed in the front.
RIP Jack

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